14/01/2014 04:05 GMT | Updated 25/01/2014 16:01 GMT

Police Pay Out £20k To Students Wrongly Arrested At Tuition Fees Protest (VIDEO)

Two students who were arrested, strip-searched and charged for violence at a tuition fees protest have been compensated £20,000 by police after officers' testimonies were proved to be inconsistent.

Mature students Ashok Kumar, 29, and Simon Behrman, 36, were arrested as education minister David Willetts gave a lecture at London’s School of Oriental and African Studies in 2011. Police charged Kumar with obstruction, while another officer said Behrman had been violent and struggled with a security guard.

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Both cases, however, were thrown out of court after footage and pictures of the incidents were shown.

Scotland Yard agreed to pay both students £20,000 after admitting there were "inconsistencies" in the officers' accounts.

Representing the men, solicitor Debaleena Dasgupta urged Scotland Yard to investigate, adding: “The police are given immense power and malicious prosecution is one of the grossest abuses of this," the Evening Standard reported.

The Met said that it had begun an investigation. A spokeswoman added: “As a result of video evidence produced as part of a civil claim against the MPS, which we have settled, concern was raised by those viewing the evidence and a DPS investigation opened in August 2013.

“Three officers are the subject of the IPCC supervised investigation.

At no time had we previously received a public complaint in relation to this matter, as soon as we were aware of the video evidence an investigation was launched.”