Ukip Shipping Forecast: There Are Warnings Of Gay In Bongo Bongo Land (LISTEN)

LISTEN: Ukip Shipping Forecast: 'Rain, Moderate Or Gay'
lighthouse hidden by a wave
lighthouse hidden by a wave

The claim by (now suspended) Ukip councillor David Silvester that the recent flooding in Britain was caused by gay marriage was met confusion and a touch of anger. But the most common reaction was subject Nigel Farage's party to severe mockery.

The best example of this was Nicholas Pegg's spoof BBC Radio 4 Ukip shipping forecast. Which warns of "rain, moderate, or gay" and "homophobic outburst, back-peddling westerly and becoming untenable".

The forecast informs sailors making their way around the British coast: "There are warnings of gays in Viking, Forties, southeast Iceland and Bongo Bongo land."

The story has also spawned a spoof @UkipWeather Twitter account, which unlike many fake accounts inspired by news, is actually pretty funny.

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