Best Fitness Songs: Behold Our Favourite Music To Motivate You In The Gym

Having trouble staying motivated at the gym? Good, us too. After all diet and fitness aren't exactly the easiest things to stick to.

Whenever the eagerness for getting a hot body starts to fade, we tend to come up with different ways to get ourselves back on track.

Whether it's in the form of a fancy gym membership, a fabulous new workout gear or (for the tech lovers) a just launched home workout on one of the new gen consoles.

But there's one sure fire way to get everyone back in shape: music.

All we need is good (and preferably loud) music - having loud music on helps block out regular world sounds that are distracting such as people talking, doors opening etc, according to top celebrity fitness trainer Rob Blakeman.

We compiled a list of great fitness tracks from our HuffPost colleges, as well as we asked some of you on Facebook and Twitter to share your favourite go-to workout music with us.

So without further due, enjoy the best fitness songs of 2014:

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