Valerie Trierweiler Accused Of £2.5m Rampage After François Hollande Affair Allegations

Did Valerie Trierweiler Go On A £2.5m Rampage?

Valerie Trierweiler has been accused of causing £2.5m of damage to the Élysée Palace during a rampage after she found out about François Hollande’s alleged affair.

The latest edition of Closer magazine - which broke the original allegations -claims the French president's partner smashed national treasures including a Louis XVI Sèvres vase.

However the claims were "categorically" denied by the office responsible for presidential furniture.

Closer also claim Trierweiler has vowed to "stand by her man"

Trierweiler was recovering in hospital with "nervous exhaustion" after the magazine published claims Hollande was meeting in secret with the actress Julie Gayet.

After eight days she was discharged and moved into the presidential home in Versailles.

Gayet seems to be doing quite well from the media maelstrom surrounding the case, appearing on the cover of the latest edition of Paris Match - even though Trierweiler used to write for the publication.

Hollande told a press conference last week he would make a statement on the future of his relationships before a trip to Washington on 9 February.

The question of which woman - if either - is a mystery as yet though Elysée Palace sources have suggested his relationship with Trierweiler is over.

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