28/01/2014 05:54 GMT | Updated 28/01/2014 10:59 GMT

Guy Reunites His Fiancée With Her Childhood Teddy Bear (VIDEO)

Watch and learn, chaps.

"For Christmas this past year, I wanted to get Jessica something beautiful - something that she would never expect, and moreover would be able to one-up proposing to her Christmas Eve of 2012," writes YouTuber Vas Alli.

"After a month of research and looking through over 10,000 vintage teddy bears on online, I was able to find clues to reconstruct her childhood teddy bear 'Whitey'.

"When I began this venture, Whitey was in two pieces (his head ripped off) and missing an ear, his nose, both eyes, and not to mention half of his stuffing was gone. So, I took him to the Secaucus Doll and Teddy Bear Hospital, and after a week, they were able to restore him to his original glory."

Cue Christmas Day 2013: and Jessica being reunited with her favourite old teddy, in all his glory. Too, too adorable.

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(Via Most Watched Today)