03/02/2014 06:25 GMT | Updated 03/02/2014 07:59 GMT

Forget Negative Twitter Trolls, Online Optimism Is Thriving

Whether sending rape threats or abusing the nation's sweethearts, Twitter trolls always manage to come out from under their bridges and into the forefront of our minds.

But we shouldn't let their negativity overshadow the good in the world.

According to recent research, online optimism is thriving and positive tweets are outnumbering the negative by more than two to one.

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The research, commissioned by Coca-Cola, analysed tweets sent by the UK’s 15 million active Twitter users since the start of 2014 and throughout 2013.

The findings revealed that the social media platform is primarily being used to share positivity and good news around the country.

Since early 2014, positive tweets nature have accounted for nearly half (48%) of all tweets, while negative messages made up less than one fifth (17%). When compared to the whole of 2013, 47% were positive, with only 15% negative.

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In the first two weeks of the year, Twitter users were optimistic about what 2014 holds in store for them. Nearly half of all tweets (45%) containing a mention of 2014 were positive compared to over a quarter (28%) of positive mentions about 2013 in the same period last year.

Further analysis on some of the most positive terms found that:

  • The word 'love' has been tweeted 1.5million times in 2014
  • For every ‘ugly’ there were six uses of ‘beautiful’
  • For every ‘sad’, there were five uses of ‘happy’
  • There was only one ‘fail’ for every 24 times someone wanted a ‘win’
  • For every ‘worst’, there were five uses of ‘best’
  • ‘Good’ was used four times more than ‘bad’