04/02/2014 05:57 GMT | Updated 04/02/2014 05:59 GMT

The Secret To Weight Loss Is What You Eat On Weekdays

It's no surprise - we blame takeaways and too much boozing - that people gain weight on weekends, while losing it again during the week.

But according to a recent study, the key to weight loss is to focus on how much weight you lose during the week, rather than fretting about gain at weekends.


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Researchers analysed the weight fluctuations of eighty individuals over a seven-days-a-week cycle, study participants were categorised according to relative weight changes: weight losers (-3% weight loss), weight gainers (+1% weight gain), and weight maintainers (-3% to 1% weight change).

Each individual was asked to weight themselves before breakfast. Only measurements taken over seven consecutive days were included - the minimum follow-up time was 15 days and maximum 330 days.

Researchers noted a difference in weight loss patterns between weight gainers and losers.

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Weight losers began losing weight immediately after the weekend - with 60% reaching lowest weight on Friday or Saturday - whereas gainers' weight showed more variation.

Authors conclude that while there is no harm in letting go at the weekend, it is important - for weight loss - to manage weight fluctuation rhythms.

They study was carried out by Cornell University.