'Flappy Bird' Mania: 8 Things Which Are Less Popular On Google Trends Right Now Than 'Flappy Bird'


'Flappy Bird' is a phenomenon. But until now, we didn't realise just how insane the world has gone for this tiny pixelated bird and his buggy, irritating attempts to get through the pipes from 'Super Mario'.

We took to Google Trends, looking at UK traffic over the last 90 days, to compare the recent search spike for 'Flappy Bird' against various other newsworthy events, products and search terms.

What we found will shock and amaze. Or at least, slightly annoy you - especially if you've actually played the game, and know how bad it is.

Here are 8 things that are currently less popular than 'Flappy Bird'.

1. Tube Strike

2. UK Floods

3. Game of Thrones

4. Transfer Window

5. (Superbowl champions) Seattle Seahawks

6. (Olympic host city) Sochi

7. Titanfall

8. Doge

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