Tory Councillor David Sprason, Sacked Over Porn Fiasco, To Run As Ukip MP Candidate

Ex-Tory 'Porn' Councillor Is Now Ukip MP Candidate
Ukip councillor David Sprason
Ukip councillor David Sprason

A former Conservative councillor who was sacked after he used his work laptop to watch porn films, has been selected as a prospective Ukip MP for the area.

David Sprason, the former deputy leader of Leicestershire County Council has been selected as a parliamentary candidate to fight the Bosworth seat for Nigel Farage's party, the Leicester Mercury reported.

Sprason was sacked from his post when an IT worker, repairing his council computer in 2007, told bosses there was a DVD entitled "She Likes It Rough" in the disc drive.

The letter from a council monitoring officer to Sprason, advising him of the find, was leaked to a local newspaper last year.

The council solicitor Elizabeth McCalla said police had "advised me the DVD contained hard-core pornography of the type you might be able to buy in this country, but more likely to buy abroad or over the internet, but that no criminal offence had been committed."

The investigation concluded no illegal activity had occurred, but it told him not to view any such material on a council computer again.

But party officials said he had broken rules by giving interviews on the subject, which made national news, saying he had shown "a serious lack of judgement".

Sprason and his wife Sue had told the Leicester Mercury that it was a tool to aid their sex life. "I'm not embarrassed. There was nothing dodgy about it. It's the kind of thing that can easily be bought in an adult shop," he told the paper.

Sprason now leads Ukip's group on Leicestershire County Council, having defected to the party in May.

Sprason told the local paper: “I am delighted and honoured to have been selected by the branch to stand as the UKIP candidate in the 2015 general election.

“I can offer the electors of Bosworth a real choice from the three old parties who have always promised much but delivered little.

“Only UKIP will give the power to the British people to regain self-government”.


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