'Big Ballet' Hopefuls Given Their Swan Lake Parts, Twitter Reacts (PICTURES)

Big Ballet
Big Ballet
Channel 4

The brave stars of Channel 4's 'Big Ballet' documentary have been given their dream roles in a Swan Lake production, years after some were told they were too 'large' to dance on stage.

And it's got viewers of the controversial programme feeling all emotional.

One fan of the show wrote on Twitter: "I personally believe that anything is possible #bigballet never under estimate the power of faith and courage."

Another wrote: "Still thinking about how #bigballet proves age & physical ability are cultural. We do what we're expected to do till allowed to fly free."

And a ballet enthusiast added: "Stayed up late again to watch fab #bigballet last night. Big love to those wonderful swans this Valentines :-) x"

Meanwhile, dance legend Wayne Sleep was forced to confront his dancers over a comment that he made describing them as "fat".

He asked the girls: "I did an article and I used the word fat. If you have an issue with that can we just get it over and done with now?"

And it didn't take long for one dancer to admit she did wish he had chosen his words more carefully.

"I think it was the tonology. Like you say, you use the word fat in ballet all the time, [but] I don't.

"It wasn't so much that I thought you were insulting me, I just think that it didn't necessarily do justice to what we are doing, how professional we're being and how serious we are."

Big Ballet

Channel 4's 'Big Ballet'

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