Police Called Over Sighting Of Man Dressed As Banana With AK47 Rifle On His Back (PICTURE)

Police have questioned a man dressed as a banana with an AK47 rifle slung across his back.

The 18-year-old was briefly detained after worried residents and motorists in Beaumont, Texas contacted the authorities.

The rifle was found to have a drum magazine with a 50-round capacity, the Associated Press reports.

The teenager explained he was dressed the way he was to advertise the nearby Golden Triangle Tactical gun store.

He added information and paperwork had been gathered consultation with the Jefferson County District Attorney's Office concerning possible future criminal charges related to his display of the firearm.

Derek Poe, the 26-year-old owner of the gun store was stopped by police in December for carrying a rifle across his back as he walked through a mall, Beaumont Enterprise reported.

Gun owners in Texas are legally allowed to carry rifles if it is not done in a threatening manner.