A small piece of material can double the life of bananas.
Beauty products, from pricy conditioners to crazy expensive face scrubs, can make you weep with the cost. On a mission to tone down my monthly spends, I tried DIY-ing the stuff from things you'd usually eat - and now I'm a convert.
From apple de-corers to boiled egg slicers, there a plenty of kitchen utensils conspiring to overthrow the humble knife. Now
The world's deadliest spider is feared to be on the loose in Britain after a family spotted a nest in a bunch of bananas
Russell T Davies, creator of 90s cult series Queer As Folk, has written three separate but interconnected TV series - Cucumber, Banana, Tofu - which aired on Channel 4, E4 and 4OD earlier this year. The three series are set in Manchester and follow a group of LGBTQI individuals...
It's National Pie Week and what better way to celebrate than to take tropical inspiration from this delicious Banana Lattice. With vanilla, almonds and unrefined sugar, this sweet tropical twist on a classic pie really will be something you'll probably cook over and over.
Cucumber doesn't hold back on the sex scenes either but this hasn't stopped it reaching the eyes that other programmes haven't been able and this has surprised Vincent Franklin, especially when he is accosted at a railway station.
In the UK there's never been a trans woman playing a trans woman in a recurring role in a TV series. Whenever there is a trans character before they're played by Cisgender women. What was going to happen, how would people react, would I be hated?
A racist laser artwork of President Barack Obama swallowing a banana has been projected onto the facade of the US embassy
Step aside traditional banana, there's a new and improved fruit on the block - the 'super banana'. Packed full of alpha and
Police have questioned a man dressed as a banana with an AK47 rifle slung across his back. The 18-year-old was briefly detained
As coffee shops outlets continue to spring up across the world, defying recession logic, an American food blog has asked
It's a phrase most people would have heard on a daily basis at work, school, college or university. We all know the process; someone drops a piece of rubbish or leaves a stain or in some cases just flat out cannot be bothered to take their empty sandwich packet to the bin, so of course we will just leave it for the cleaners to deal with.
Scientists have unpeeled the genetic code of the banana to reveal information that may improve future crops. Bananas, first
This is a video of a rabbit eating a banana. In it, a banana is eaten by a rabbit. The rabbit lies on its back, nibbing away
It is, arguably, the most famous banana in the world – and now it has been deemed important enough to have started a copyright
Japanese artist Keisuke Yamada has an odd hobby – he makes sculptures out of peeled bananas, including this scary chap (pictured