Andrew Marr Admits He 'Will Never Be 100% Again,' After Suffering Stroke

Andrew Marr: 'I Will Never Be 100% Again'

Andrew Marr has candidly discussed his recovery from a stroke in 2013 and has admitted that he will "never be 100% again".

Speaking to Jonathan Ross about his battle back to health, the veteran broadcaster slammed the Government's treatment of stroke victims, saying that more needed to be done.

Opening up on the ITV chat show about his recovery over the last year, the journalist joked that he had "lost quite a big chunk of the old cauliflower" and said that he considered himself lucky to be alive.

“I’ll never be 100% again but I will be most of the way there and it’s one of those simple things - the more work you do, the more physiotherapy and strength training you do, the better you’ll be, but you have to do it every day probably for years and years,” he said.

"I'm really lucky because I had enough money," he said, saying most people suffering from a stroke would be unable to be in his position.

He said the Government was "very bad" at aiding victims in getting back to health, despite demands to get people of disability benefits and back into work.

He also jokingly revealed that Uma Thurman, his fellow guest on the ITV show, actually helped with his recuperation.

The BBC presenter explained: “In Kill Bill: Vol.1 there’s a moment where Uma has had a rather rough time and she’s waking up in hospital and there’s one toe which she’s trying to make move and if she can make the toe move then all the recovery will follow.”

Marr continues: “It was a bit like that with me. I’d spend hours and hours trying to make a finger move, or a toe move – not hours, not weeks, months, and then eventually you get a little bit of movement. I always thought of that film at the beginning.”

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