18/02/2014 13:48 GMT | Updated 19/02/2014 00:59 GMT

North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un Accused Of Crimes Against Humanity, But Don't Be Put Off...

According to a recent UN report, the North Korean leader Kim Jong un presides over a system of secret kwanliso death camps, which house more than 100,000 political prisoners, many of whom will die in detention with their family never knowing their fate. Within in the camps, torture, rape, executions and forced abortions are commonplace.

…but don’t be put off.

Satellite image shows Camp 14, a notorious North Korean prison camp

The 31-year-old dictator also rules over a state in which freedom of thought does not exist, with the party claiming "an absolute monopoly over information and total control of organised social life". This is a process imbued by a state-run propaganda machine that the UN says, "takes root from childhood to propagate an official personality cult and to manufacture absolute obedience to the supreme leader".

…but don’t be put off.

Crowds bow to the statues of North Korea's late leader Kim Jong Il and his father Kim Il Sung

Kim also runs a country that regularly kidnaps foreign nationals from neighbouring states, with the UN estimating more than 200,000 people, including many children, have been snatched and taken to North Korea over the years, often to provide wives for citizens.

…but don’t be put off.

Megumi Yokota stands by a car at an unknown place in North Korea after her abduction from Japan

The despot also enforces a ban on overseas travel for North Koreans, with those who do escape often rounded up, tortured and returned.

…but don’t be put off.

A view of Ki Jong Dong, North Korea, is seen from an observation post in the Demilitarized Zone

Because even though Kim is responsible for a state that imprisons, beats, rapes, tortures and enslaves its own starving people, "unspeakable atrocities" that have been described by the UN as the "worst since the Nazis"...

...he also visits orphanages and hugs children.