Naked Ballerina Photographs Showcase The True Power Of A Woman's Body

The ballet world has long been associated with negative body image, the dominant perception being that female ballerinas are underweight and underfed.

But if anything was going to send that connotation pirouetting on its head, it's a series of beautiful photographs of one anonymous - and naked - ballerina.

The images, which are hosted on Imgur by user Jargo1, show the impressive capabilities of the female body.

As the dancer poses en pointe and in a series of acrobatic postures, we were struck by her muscular legs, back and buttocks.

Earlier this year a series of naked photographs taken of experienced yogi Luba Hegre caused outrage, with spectators focussing (unfairly in our opinion) on the model's weight as opposed to the strength of her body.

We hope the same will not be true of these beautiful images.