03/03/2014 18:55 GMT | Updated 03/03/2014 21:59 GMT

Newsnight: Benefits Street's White Dee Slams Show, Says She Hasn't Cashed In On Celebrity (POLL)

White Dee, star of the erstwhile Channel 4 documentary series Benefits Street, has slammed the broadcaster for lying to her about the name of the show, with the single mother-of-two telling Newsnight she only found out two weeks before the broadcast about the programme's controversial name. She also said the series did not present a "fair and balanced" review of the street.

In a bizarre interview on Monday, White Dee – real name Deirdre Kelly - said she has not taken up any offers to make money out of her new-found celebrity. When Emily Maitlis asked why she hasn't chosen to cash in on her fame, White Dee responded "I don't know".

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