07/03/2014 10:48 GMT | Updated 07/03/2014 10:59 GMT

You Can't Talk About Immigration? 8 Moments That Show You Can

Immigration is a topic you cannot discuss without being shouted down as a racist, some say.

Despite the topic being apparently untouchable, this week's edition of Question Time in Barking saw an audience member get so irate in a discussion about the impact of immigration that he got his coat and walked out of the studio.

The audience member told panellists that "we are in a minority" who get "nothing", insisting: "We've been tarnished, we're not all racist..."

His criticism echoes what Prime Minister David Cameron said in March 2013 when he attacked "those who say you can't have a sensible debate because it’s somehow wrong to express concerns about immigration."

So is it really true that we can't talk about immigration? That it's a taboo issue?

Here are 8 big moments, since the last Labour government came to office in 1997, in which all we seemed to do was discuss how supposedly awful immigration is.

Immigration moments