David Beckham Named World's Best Underwear Model

David Beckham has been named as the world’s best underwear model by designer Tommy Hilfiger - even though the designer has never hired the former football player.

Despite never modelling for Hilfiger, Becks has stripped off on multiple occasions, showing off his bod in a number of commercial campaigns.

Need we say more?

In an interview with TMZ Sports, the American designer declared that David is “the underwear model of the century” - and we have to agree.

“We all wish we looked like David Beckham,” Hilfiger tells TMZ. “At the end of the day - he is the underwear model of the century.”

And, just in case we didn’t admire him enough already David is about to prove he can act too, by appearing in a one-off 'Only Fools And Horses' sketch for Sport Relief.

A preview of the sketch shows Becks has the ability to laugh at himself, but we'll have to wait until the BBC One Sport Relief telethon on Friday 21 March to see the whole clip.

David Beckham

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