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Crushed Endangered Kakapo Parrot Egg Repaired With Tape & Glue (PICTURES)

It looked like life was over before it had even began when New Zealand conservationists found this cracked kakapo parrot egg.

But the challenge to keep the endangered chick alive was embraced head on – with the team painstakingly gluing and taping the egg back together – whilst allowing room for the little one to mature and eventually hatch naturally.

Eventually the chick hatched in late February under the watchful gaze of rangers at New Zealand’s Department of Conservation.

kakapo egg

Precious cargo: The crushed kakapo egg was pieced together with glue and tape

A spokesman said: “We only have five viable eggs on Whenua Hou and this one was the first laid.

“It was touch and go for a few days but with the special care and expertise of our team, the dedication has paid off.”

kakapo egg

Here he comes! Conservationists were holding their breath as they awaited the hatching

The tiny chick is now being nursed to health in an incubator and has round-the-clock attention.

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kakapo egg

And he's out! (or she, they can't tell yet apparently)

The new arrival brings the total population of the critically endangered species to 125.

The kakapo is flightless and has a subsonic mating boom that can travel several kilometres and they have a life expectancy of 90 years.

kakapo egg

The chick looking a little less naked

It is native to New Zealand where conservationists are battling to bring it back from the brink of extinction.

kakapo egg

By the way, this is what a grown-up kakapo looks like

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