Endangered Species

A government-backed report said the iconic species is threatened by ongoing habitat loss and may disappear without "urgent" intervention.
The death of OR-54 in California has been called a "tragic development" by environmentalists.
Scientists announced on Wednesday that two embryos of the northern white rhino have been successfully fertilised. The precious embryos will soon be transferred into female southern white rhinos to hopefully save the functionally extinct species.
Japan has restarted commercial whaling for the first time in 31 years. It is the first commercial hunt since 1988, after commercial whaling was banned by the International Whaling Commission. It still killed several hundred whales each year through a loophole allowing “scientific” whaling expeditions in the Antarctic Ocean. The catch quota for the end of this year is set at 227 whales.
Poaching is a multi-billion dollar industry run by gangs. Meet the women waging a war against it.
'Animals and humans in thermal footage ‘glow’ in the same way as stars and galaxies in space.'
It is time we as a country recognised that such unequivocal environmental policies that contain neither discretion nor proportionality are not the British way