After The New 12 Sided One Pound Coin Here's The 12 Unseen Sides Of George Osborne

It's a big day for the chancellor George Osborne. Not only has he got to deliver his budget, but the clever old chap has diverted headlines by announcing there'll be a new 12-sided one pound coin based on the threepenny bit.

It is said to be the hardest in the world to fake. Ooh.

Described as a "giant leap into the future" the new coin will replace the old one, after the Treasury announced that 3% in circulation are fake - a total of over 45 million.

The coin is based on the historic three pence piece, also known as the 'Threepenny bit', which was the first coin to feature a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.

But unlike its predecessor, the new coin - which will be roughly the same size as the existing one when introduced in 2017 - will contain an array of technological advances making it difficult to forge.

That's enough about the coin and it's 12 sides. We are more interested in the other sides to the chancellor, so here we go...