9 Politicians And The First Tweets They Ever Sent

Twitter has built a nifty tool to enable users to quickly find their first ever tweet. The results are a mixture of the weird, unintentionally funny and mundane. And that is no less true for our political leaders.

The prime minister, a relative newcomer to the site, began with a joke at his own expense.

Ed Miliband, as Labour energy secretary, told us about his exciting life as a minister.

Nick Clegg didn't even pretend to send this worthy tweet himself.

Ed Balls joined Twitter at the height of the expenses scandal. Sadly his first tweet was not "Ed Balls".

Alex Salmond wasted no time in harnessing Twitter as an election tool - and also apparently speaks in the third person.

Communities secretary Eric Pickles impressively managed to squeeze his favourite word, "chum", into 140 characters twice.

Lib Dem president Tim Farron is modern.

Conservative Party chairman Grant Shapps couldn't find anything he fancied in the shops...

... while Barack Obama ended the war in Iraq.