Google Chromecast UK Review: Is This Your Streaming TV Solution?

Look, if you want to stream iPlayer, Netflix and YouTube to your TV you're probably not short of options. Everything from your TV itself to the average set-top box and Blu-Ray player can do most of those things these days.

But if you want to stream from your Android device straight to your TV? That's been a little tricker, until now at least. Certain manufacturers have made it possible to stream from some phones to some TVs, but it's all been a bit hit and miss (and nowhere near as convenient as Apple's Airplay system).

Now Google thinks it has a solution in Chromecast, a little £30 dongle which sticks into the back of your TV and allows you to stream from any Android device, and several dedicated apps and services.

So is it any good? And can it match the undoubted elegance of Apple's equivalent - and its budget rivals NowTV, Roku and the like?

Here's a full review of the device and its capabilities. The bottom line? It's neat, it works and it's cheap, but it's limited, too - and you might just end up using it less than you'd think.