Olympic Sprinter Adam Gemili Shares His Top Fitness Tips

Olympic Sprinter Adam Gemili Has Inspirational Words On Getting Fit

If the inspirational words of this world-class sprinter don’t prompt you to get up off the sofa and go for a run, nothing will.

Adam Gemili is the fastest British junior of all time, and has been heralded as “great,” by none other than Usain Bolt. When he’s not training for the Olympics, he’s studying for a degree in sports science at university.

And he encourages other young athletes to do the same. “To become an elite athlete, you have to believe you’re an elite athlete,” he explains. “Sport can influence your work ethic in so many ways. I think most importantly it gives you that kind of discipline.”

The 20-year-old wakes up at 5am most mornings to train, followed by attending classes at his uni in East London. When he’s having a tough day or his heart is pounding at the start line, Adam says he thinks of the people that have supported him on the way. “I don’t want to let them down,” he explains. “So I just have to go and give it my all.”

Adam’s sage encouragement couldn’t come at a better time, as HuffPost UK Lifestyle launches Fitspiration for the month April.

The campaign, which is not just about exercising to lose weight, is aimed at getting us out of our office chairs and into our gym shoes, in the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

As any pro-athlete will tell you, half of success is your mindset.

So go on, put your best foot forward, and take that small step towards getting fit.