Ukip 'Unhappy Native American' Immigration Leaflet Brandished In Debate By Nick Clegg (VIDEO)

Clegg Whips Out Ukip 'Unhappy Native American' Leaflet

It was one of the most surprising moments of the second debate between Nigel Farage and Nick Clegg. In a discussion about immigration, the Lib Dem leader whipped out a Ukip leaflet that compared British people to the plight of Native Americans.

"Let me just show you, this is a leaflet from Ukip," Clegg said, brandishing the leaflet. "It says here – it’s a picture of a very unhappy looking native American – is says, 'he used to ignore immigration, now he lives on a reservation.'

"The suggestion being that if we ignore immigration the British people will be cooped up on reservations. Nigel Farage, we are not – by staying in the European Union we are not going to be cooped up on a native American reservation. What are you going to say next? That you’re Crazy Horse or Sitting Bull? We’ve got to have a level-headed debate about this."

Farage claimed he did not know the leaflet. "I don’t recognise that leaflet," he said. "All sorts of things get put out, I don’t recognise that leaflet. I certainly wouldn’t endorse its sentiments."

As detailed in the gallery below, the Native American leaflet is from a 2010 Ukip campaign in Lancaster.


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