10 Easy Techniques To Get Through To Awkward Colleagues (PICTURES)


When it comes to workplace stress, nothing gets our heart rate shooting up like a particularly awkward colleague.

According to a recent study, 40% of office staff are working under "dangerously high" stress levels, and many of us blame our colleagues for this anxiety.

Research suggests there are plenty of behavioural traits that drive us crazy, from noisy eating, to lateness, failing to listen and people who talk over conversations.

In a blog for The Huffington Post, Sophia Parsons pins down the kinds of people that can make our life difficult.

Few of us won't have come across the 'office busy body' for example.

Do these characters traits sound familiar?!

"Constantly walking around with what appears to be purpose and destination - however what are they actually doing that requires them to be out of their seats every 25 minutes?

"Constantly coming up to you expressing how busy they are, how much they have to do and how they have NO idea how they are going to find the time to get it all done yet they still seem to find the time to manage coming over to you and waste your time."

But while it's easy to mock the office (and the people who work in them), some experts believe we need to reclaim our work space.

According to HuffPost blogger Michael Bernd Bayer, the office is set to have a revival... and we don't mean series three from Gervais and Merchant!

"I believe there's a misconception that office working is no longer as productive or cost effective as mobile or remote working," he says.

"As communications become increasingly intelligent, office environments are on the cusp of providing a richer, more fruitful technology experience than we can get remotely. In fact, I think we are set to become even more productive and collaborative in the office."

So if you're looking for ways to improve your office life, and reduce those stress levels, perhaps you need to think about how to improve those working relationships?

Here are 10 ways to deal with awkward colleagues in the workplace

10 Ways To Get Through To Awkward Collegues