iOS 8 Latest: Shazam 'To Be Built In' To New Apple Mobile OS

Details regarding iOS 8, including its release date and features, remain frustratingly slight.

But as we move closer to WWDC, Apple's annual developer conference and iOS reveal, we're starting to hear more about what's next for the mobile OS.

And it looks like 'hearing' might itself be one of the big new features.

A report from Bloomberg suggests Apple wants to build Shazam - the amazing service which can identify music tracks just by listening for a few seconds - into the OS directly.

The idea appears to be that iTunes radio and even Siri could be directly integrated, meaning you could ask Siri to "name that song" and it would do so, and provide you a free link to listen to it.

The report said Shazam would be "integrated into the mobile software in the same way that Twitter's service is currently incorporated, meaning consumers don't need to separately download it".

There are no details yet on whether Shazam is going to go for it - or whether some wires have been crossed and Apple is instead building its own version of the tech.

But it sounds like a great new feature, and one we'll be watching for closely when iOS 8 is finally revealed in June.