David Cameron Stung By Jellyfish As He Chillaxed In Lanzarote, Unknown If 'Traditional Cure' Was Used On PM

David Cameron Stung By Jellyfish, Unknown If 'Traditional Cure' Was Used

David Cameron has been stung by a jellyfish.

The Prime Minister is said to be recovering after he encountered the venomous creature as he chillaxed in the sea during his Lanzarote break.

Other tourists described how he came running from the water in his blue swimming trunks, rubbing his arm and shouting: “Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!"

According to reports the PM was said to have ignored warnings after locals spotted a number of the stinging marine animals at the island's Arrieta beach.

One local said said Cameron got his children out of the waves after someone shouted a warning – but then he immediately went back in.

Ex-pat Alan Lambert, originally from Norwich, pointed out that one traditional cure for a jellyfish sting is for someone to urinate on the affected area.

He joked to the Mirror: “There would have been no shortage of volunteers to administer the treatment if he’d needed it. We were all having a laugh about it in the bar.”

Downing Street has not commented on the incident. The condition of the jellyfish is not yet known.


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