These Students Have Invented A Better Ketchup Cap. And Heinz Should Buy it


We all know the problem: you're got some deliciously crispy chips, just screaming out to be lathered in ketchup, only to end up in a watery grave after you forget to shake the bottle and splatter them with runny water stuff.

Well, that nightmare scenario may soon be relegated to the past, after two students came up with a brilliantly simple design to get your tomato sauce out, and keep the gross watery stuff in.

High school seniors Tyler Richards and Jonathan Thompson from Liberty North High School in Missouri, US, put their thinking caps on after getting frustrated with the lacklustre performance of standard ketchup bottle lids.

As part of the Project Lead the Way program at their school, they eventually developed a fool proof plan and made their own lid using a 3D printer.

"I've actually been made fun of for my consumption of ketchup," the er, red-headed Thompson admits.

Those days are surely soon over, however, as the pair are bound to become heroes of households across the ketchup-consuming world.

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