Thinking Of Getting A Tattoo? This Beautiful (But Excruciating) Slow-Motion Video May Put You Off

To have or not to have a tattoo? That is the question on many people's lips when deciding whether or not to get an inking for life.

But while cold feet normally stem from worrying about your pain threshold or wondering whether that dolphin will still be cool when you're pushing 80, until you sit down in the tattoo parlour chair it's impossible to imagine what going under the needle will be like.

Until now, that is.

One talented Paris-based tattoo artist, Gaëtan Le Gargasson, has brought a never-before-seen insight into the tattooing process.

The beautifully-shot (but excruciating) slow-motion video shows a needle pumping ink into the skin of a tattoo newbie... it's mesmerising to watch, but could put you off tattoos for life.

Brace yourself.