ViralBrothers Ghost Prank: How To Scare The Sh*t Out Of Your Friends (VIDEO)

How To Scare The Sh*t Out Of Your Friends (VIDEO)

Revenge is a dish best served on a dark country road.

Or so goes this story, which sees Cenek, one half of Czech duo ViralBrothers, take revenge on Erik for dosing him with sleeping pills and moving his bed to a local town square.

Cenek sets the scene by cackling maniacally as the screen reveals: "First monster is in the trunk. Second monster is waiting at the agreed place in the forest.

Time to be terrified: Czech duo ViralBrothers are Cenek (left) and Erik (right)

"Let's scare the sh*t out of Erik."

Poor old Erik is unaware he's being filmed from the inside of the car as they drive down - where else - a dark country road.

Cenek nips out for a pee and hurtles back into the car exclaiming he's seen "something".

Without giving too much away, Cenek's mission - watched more than 1.3million times since 30 April - is indeed accomplished.

Hope Erik brought a spare pair of underpants.


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