BNP Youth Promotional Video Decries Gays, Zionists, Bankers, Media, Islam, Immigration And Stephen Lawrence's Mum (VIDEO)

BNP Youth Promotional Video Decries Gays, Zionists, Bankers, Media, Immigration And Stephen Lawrence's Mum

The BNP has released a horror show of a promotional video, featuring a raft of humourless youths offering disturbing rhetoric about the demise of Britain… and Stephen Lawrence’s mum.

The three-minute clip uploaded to YouTube asks "who is responsible for the ongoing attempt to irradiate the British culture and British identity?” an irradiation that has seemingly brought our once great nation crashing to its grazed and battered knees. The film also demands to know who is responsible for the "ever growing debt" and who is responsible for portraying "racist attacks as only being against non-whites"?

According to the eight culturally uniform cast members, Blighty’s downfall is attributable to the cultural Marxists that have infected schools and academia; the Zionists that have profited from British soldiers dying abroad; the militant homosexuals, who are trying to destroy the traditional family unit… and Stephen Lawrence’s mum (it is not made clear why she’s on the list).

Islam, immigration and the EU also take a kicking from an assortment of size 5 shoes, as do the bankers, capitalism and, of course, a complicit media.

"We want our land to be a home for our people and our culture," says a wiry-haired boy before one of his colleagues chips in with a demand return to "core Christian values".

In recent weeks, the BBC became embroiled in a row over a vile BNP cartoon featuring leering Muslim gangs as a party political broadcast, forcing the BNP to submit a somewhat hurried substitute of a bloke talking in a room for four minutes.

The corporation insisted that contrary to the BNP's claims of "censorship", it did not actually stop the broadcast, but merely advised the party on its guidelines.

The Huffington Post UK was leaked a copy of the original animation submitted to the broadcaster. It featured caricatured Muslim grooming gangs, swigging WKDs and leering at a schoolgirl, a woman in a burqa begging, and a bloodied silhouette of Michael Adebolajo, the killer of soldier Lee Rigby.

In response, the BNP's PR man Simon Darby said he was angry the animation had been leaked ahead of time, but insisted the BBC had not told him of any plans to stop the broadcast of the full animation. The party called the leak "a black ops campaign" against them.


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