Tattoo Artists Reveal The Stupidest Requests Including Swastikas And Penises

Penises And Swastikas: Tattoo Artists Reveal The Stupidest Requests
Nicola Tree via Getty Images

Stupid tattoos: you hear about them all the time.

From the numpty man who inked the Nando's cockerel on his buttocks to the student that tattooed two McDonald's receipts on his arm, the laissez-faire attitude people have to tats makes you think they aren't permanent.

Oh, but yes they are.

Reddit asked its community of tattoo artists to name the tattoos that were so mind-bogglingly stupid they said no to. The results came from far and wide, from tattoo artists and people recounting what they'd overheard while getting a tattoo done themselves.

It's reassuring to know that there are people willing to say no but, as you'll find out when you click through the gallery, we're left wondering what has happened to the poor sod that ended up with a Superman logo tattooed on his forehead:

The Stupidest Tattoo Requests Revealed


"Getting a tattoo is painful, especially on areas with a lot of nerves, like your torso and lower back. The bigger and more intricate the design, the longer it takes (and it might even take multiple sessions). Small tattoos usually take an hour or two."

"Before you get a tattoo, you should be 100 percent sure you want one. They're permanent (I know, duh) and can only be removed by laser, which is pricey and "hurts way more than getting the tattoo in the first place," says tattoo artist Paul Oafenhammer."

"While a spontaneous trip to the tattoo parlor always sounds like a fun idea, you should take a bit of time and pick out a good one prior to hopping in the car. Cutting corners for the sake of a convenient location is not a great way to begin your life as a tattooed person."

"Usually, tattoo shops are not supposed to allow you to get a tattoo if they suspect you've been drinking alcohol. Alcohol thins your blood, which will cause you to bleed more during the tattoo process. Besides your extra blood loss, this blood pushing out also makes it more difficult to push the ink in, which can mess up your design. Plus, if you're drinking, you may end up with a tattoo you thought was cool at the moment, but instantly regret in the morning."