Weight Loss: 10 Diet Tips For Men

Men: take heart. When it comes to dieting, you beat us women hands down. You're more disciplined, focussed and you don't say things like: "I need that piece of chocolate to keep my endorphins up."

That is, when you actually decide to diet.

Weight Loss Resources have come up with 10 easy diet tips designed to kickstart your weight loss, and if you're not interested in that, then it's definitely a road to a healthier lifestyle.

Take a look and add your helpful tips for others to read in the comments below:

1. Listen to your friends

If their recent banter includes calling you porky, or saying your beer belly’s got bigger, you need to do something about it.

2. Rebrand the word diet

If you feel embarrassed about it, repackage your view of eating less, and more sensibly, as simply getting healthier.

3. Learn what healthy eating really is

Eat more fruit and veg, up your intake of lean protein (fish, lean meat, chicken), cut back on salt and sugar, and stick to smaller portion sizes. Rope in your partner to help keep you on track - swap nights on the couch with an activity.

4. Avoid faddy low-carb diets, like Atkins

Upping your intake of red meat, cream, cheese and fried food could raise your risk of heart disease, as these foods are full of unhealthy saturated fat.

5. Make sure you have five portions of fruit and veg a day

Consume them in a smoothie, a stir-fry, or as a snack and you’ll see how it adds up. Visit for some helpful ideas.

6. Skip the takeaways

Or if you can’t completely, make sensible swaps: boiled rice instead of fried, chicken burger instead of beef, thin crust pizza instead of stuffed.

7. Drive to the pub so you won’t drink

Lager contains between 165 – 250 cals per pint. If you’re not driving, stick to single spirits with low cal mixers.

8. Don’t be afraid to lie!

If your mates question your new regime, tell them you’re training for a sporting event, or your doctor told you to cut down on unhealthy carbs.

9. Don’t just watch sport, play it too!

Get out and enjoy what you used to do at school – from footie to running, take it up again and start doing it once a week, then build it up.

10. Aim for a BMI [Body Mass Index] between 18.5 and 24.9

This is the figure you get if you divide your weight (in kg) by your height (in metres). Measure your waist too; anything over 37in (94cm) means you have an increased risk of health problems.