Is It Going To Stay Sunny For The Weekend? Weather Forecast Says Yes!

If tomorrow doesn't involve sunglasses and a cold pint - you're doing it wrong.

This weekend could see Britons basking in the sun on the hottest day of the year so far.

Uninterrupted sunshine meant the mercury soared to 22C in Aviemore, Scotland, on April 28 marking a 2014 high - but it is expected to get hotter this weekend, according to a Met Office meteorologist.

People relax in the sunny weather at Victoria Park

Mark Wilson said: "We are going to see a day by day increase in the temperatures. Through the course of today I think we could quite easily see 21C, possibly 22C, in the south east.

"I think the south east is most likely to see the highest temperatures."

Wilson said by tomorrow temperatures could reach 22C or 23C (73.4), with the greatest chance of this being in the London area.

The forecaster said some areas may get near 25C (77F) this weekend.

"I definitely think there's a chance the odd spot could approach 25C," he said, adding that there is a good chance the south east corner of England could see temperatures of 24C or 25C.

Wilson said forecasters were "pretty confident we will see the warmest day of the year so far".

It is looking increasingly likely that this year Europe will see the emergence of the phenomenon known as El Nino, which occurs in the tropical Pacific but has implications on the weather across the globe.

El Nino is the anomalous warming of the sea surface of the eastern Pacific, and the counterpart of La Nina, during which the eastern Pacific cools as strong Trade Winds push warm waters to the western Pacific, notably the seas around Indonesia.

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