summer weather

9. You aren’t even wearing a jacket are you?  2. August has only just finished.  3. The office air-conditioning is still
People with plans for their three-day weekend will have to make the most of the the sunshine today before rain moves in tomorrow
It rains on just over one in four days in Britain, so you think these Londoners might have been better prepared. Perhaps
Parts of England will sizzle today with temperatures set to reach the highest so far this year, beating Portugal, Turkey
The success and failure of invasions and military expeditions between Britain and Europe have always depended on the weather, from Julius Caesar onwards. But the role the weather and meteorologists played in the 1944 Normandy landings was critical.
If tomorrow doesn't involve sunglasses and a cold pint - you're doing it wrong. This weekend could see Britons basking in
The Rolling Stones will swelter at Hyde Park and Andy Murray will feel the glare of more than just the eyes of the Wimbledon
Spring will finally arrive in parts of the UK this weekend, with Sunday set to be the hottest day of the year so far, according