Twitter Joke From Rocky Horror Picture Show That Took Five Years To Tell

'Greatest Ever' Twitter Joke That Took Five Years To Tell

Bear with us, we're going to try and recreate a joke - described as "the greatest Twitter joke of all time" - that took five years to tell.

The joke came from lyrics to a Rocky Horror Picture Show song

In May 2009 - the relatively early days of the social network - an anonymous account with no photo sprung up, named Dr Frank N Furter after a character from comedy musical The Rocky Horror Picture Show and tweeted a few of the character's lines from one of its songs.

It's the beginning of a lyric from the song Sweet Transvestite, which the character, played by Tim Curry, sings in the cult classic musical. More followed....

And then... silence. Twitter evolved over the next five years to dominate our communications industry but @DrFNFurter said nothing.

Then, on May 9 this year, the fifth anniversary of those three tweets - the account sprung back into life.

Ok, so maybe you had to be there - but to invest that kind of planning in telling a joke on Twitter is pretty brilliant.

Around 9,500 people were following the account at the time of writing but it was unclear if they had all been following it for five years.

Twitter advocate Stephen Fry told his 6.8million followers it was "the greatest Twitter joke of all time".

In the meantime, here's the song the joke is from, for the uninitiated.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a cult classic from 1975 that regularly has audience members dressing up as the characters to attend cinema showings.


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