Commonwealth Games 2014: Can You Name The Country Flag?

21 Commonwealth Country Flags We Bet You'll Struggle To Identify

The Commonwealth Games start in Glasgow on July 23rd and they promise to be a time when countries from around the slightly outdated colonial group of nations compete in a rewarding sporting festival.

Being a member of the Commonwealth should mean a lot - but for many people it simply means trying to work out which flag represents which country.

To test your knowledge, we've complied a list of 21 flags from around the voluntary association of 53 independent countries. How many can you name? The answers are listed at the bottom of the page.

Commonwealth flags


1. Canada

2. South Africa

3. India

4. Singapore

5. Malta

6. Jamaica

7. Botswana

8. Lesotho

9. Namibia

10. Seychelles

11. Swaziland

12. Bangladesh

13. Sri Lanka

14. Belize

15. St Vincent and The Grenadines

16. Grenada

17. Saint Lucia

18. Kiribati

19. Tuvalu

20. Vanuatu

21. Nauru


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