"They build a statue...but they have been dragging their feet on acting on the Windrush scandal."
One of the best things about being a disability activist is meeting remarkable people along the way. I must admit that before
Cyril Ramaphosa has told investors that the country is in the midst of a "clean up", and has hinted at tax incentives for investors.
Useless vestige of a shattered empire, or a global governance grouping with potential to change the game?
A bow-tied and black-suited President Cyril Ramaphosa took his charm offensive to London and made it clear South Africa is "open for business".
I don’t have words to explain what it felt like for me to leave London when I wasn’t ready
Instead of the standard reactions and urgings to adapt to new climate realities, Britain could play an important role in identifying the need for responses that take their lead from the people most directly affected - most of whom would argue that they have not been listened to so far.
It is unacceptable that there are still countries of the Commonwealth not doing enough to protect the rights of people with mental disorders.
Just as it took incredible ingenuity, bravery and perseverance to mount a mission to the Moon, it will require the same investment to safeguard our blue planet, to move from a philosophy of 'explore and exploit' to one of 'sustain and be sustained by'. For the sake of the ocean and those that depend on it, we must rise to the occasion.