One In 10 Students Lost Their Virginity Aged 14 Or Younger

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Nearly one in 10 students admit to losing their virginity aged 14 or younger, a sex survey has revealed, with more than half admitting to having unprotected sex.

The survey also revealed 26% have had 10 or more partners with 54% saying they had regretted having sex with someone. Student Beans questioned more than 6,000 students at 100 universities and found nearly two thirds sext with their partners, and a quarter had filmed themselves having sex with their partners.

A further quarter have cheated on a partner, while more women admitted to having had an STI than men - one in 10 female respondents compared to one in five of males.

Norman Wells of the Family Education Trust, which promotes traditional moral values, told the Daily Mail: "The survey underlines the failure of contraceptive-based sex education to prepare young people for lifelong marriages.

"Contrary to the claims of those who assert that marriage is an outdated institution, the overwhelming majority of students expect to get married, with only six per cent saying they do not wish to marry.

"Yet the casual attitudes towards sex suggested by high levels of one-night stands and multiple sexual partners indicate that students are ignorant of the character qualities they will need."

A recent survey by a student dating site revealed students at Sussex University are the most likely group in the UK to engage in sexual activity with their lecturers. However it was an Exeter University student who was given the dubious honour of being crowned "UK's most horniest student" earlier this year.

Elina Desaine was criticised for calling herself "slutvian" after racking up a long list of conquests, saying she slept with at least two or three different people a week.