Lorry Sheds Load Of 20 Million 'Thirsty... Disoriented and Angry' Bees On American Highway (VIDEO)

A lorry transporting 20 million bees has overturned on an American highway.

The vehicle – carrying 460 hives – tipped over on the Route 896 northbound to Delaware on Tuesday, NBC Philadelphia reported.

The channel says local beekeepers and fire crews worked through the night to corral the bees, which were being taken from Florida to Maine for pollination purposes. Around 90 per cent of the insects were believed lost in the crash.

The bees were described as 'thirsty... disoriented and angry' by one witness (file picture)

According to CBS Philly, several people were taken to hospital to be treated for stings, including two passengers in a tractor trailer who sustained between 50 and 100 stings each.

Beekeeper Paul Dill said: “They’ve been traumatised, they can get a little irritable.”

One witness described the freed bees as “thirsty… disoriented and angry.”

The cause of the crash remains under investigation.

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