Bus Driver Halts Vehicle To Comfort Weeping Child On Roadside (PICTURE)


A kind-hearted bus driver is being hailed a hero after halting his vehicle to get out and go to the aid of a crying child.

Andre Grandin pulled over between stops in Vara and Lidkoping in Southern Sweden after spotting 10-year-old Emilia Behrendtz weeping by the side of the road.

Passenger Emma Gustafsson captured a snap of the encounter and posted it to Twitter where it swiftly went viral.

Passenger Emma Gustafsson captured this shot of bus driver Andre Grandin comforting the girl

She accompanied the tweet with the explanation: “It came from nowhere. We didn’t know what was going on.

“But then we saw that he walked up to a crying girl sitting on the road. It was really cute.”

“They had said bad words and she was generally sad so I asked if she lived nearby and if there was someone she could call.

“I tried to comfort her.”

Grandin and Emilia were later reunited by the newspaper, with the little girl thanking the driver personally for his kindness.

“Stopping and asking if anyone needs help proves that you care, it can always get positive impact.”

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