From Game Of Thrones To Mortal Kombat: Amazing Make-Up Artist Creates Stunning Looks

From Star Wars To White Walker: Stunning Make-Up Transformations

Make-up artist Elsa Rhae painstakingly spends up to three hours pulling together these dramatic, stop-you-in-your-tracks looks (especially the Game of Thrones White Walker which gives us the willies), but the irony is that she first took up this kind of beauty work because she thought it would be easy.

Talking to HuffPost UK Lifestyle, she says: "I got into makeup during my last semester of college and I needed an elective in order to graduate with my film degree. So I took stage makeup because I thought it would be easy. I ended up creating my own faces outside of class because I wasn't really learning much from my professor (though she was a really nice lady).

"My friends and family kept giving me great feedback so I continued to create these faces. I have only been painting my face for one year."

Despite how professional the make-up looks, Elsa says that half the time she doesn't know what she's doing.

"My parents are extremely artistic and I just kind of picked this up. I like doing it, people like seeing it, so I keep making more faces. I was never prompted by anything except boredom in class. The internet helped with my creativity, that's for sure.

"It takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours to create a look on just my face and chest area. My White Walker took the longest (3 hours) and I attempted it 3 times (each time being 3 hours."

The White Walker has been her hardest to date "due to all the weird details around the face".

She adds: "He was hard. I wasn't even entirely happy with the completed White Walker but I did NOT want to try it again."

Take a look at the pictures:

Amazing Make-Up Transformations

For more about how Elsa goes about turning an ordinary face into a superhero, visit her YouTube channel.

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