Study Shows How Back Pain Affects Our Lives Every Day

Roughly half of Britain is contending with back pain and those pesky aches are having a big impact on our everyday lives.

A recent survey of 2056 people by has revealed that some seemingly easy everyday tasks become impossible for those suffering.

Sex, working, housework and driving are among the key activities prohibited when back pain strikes.

The study showed that 26% of people are forced to quit housework because of the debilitating effects of back pain.

Working or studying became difficult for 22% of sufferers, while 14% said back pain prevented them from enjoying sex. Driving also became difficult for 14%.

It seems that back pain not only impacts on our physical health, but also affects our emotional wellbeing and our relationships.

One in 11 said they couldn’t take care for their pets and one in 12 even felt unable to look after their children properly.

Of the participants, 24% admitted to suffering poor mental and emotional health while 35% confessed to back pain making them short tempered and snappy.

One in ten of those questioned admitted to arguing with loved ones because of the pain they were in while 15% said it had made them cry at home or work.

Mark Critchley, spokesperson said: “As most people hate housework at the best of times, we’ve asked ourselves whether our survey reflects the fact that it’s the easiest to say no to when they’re in pain.

“Believe it or not though, housework is an energetic and physical activity compared to most and while we encourage people to stay as active as they can tolerate when they have back pain, sometimes a little rest with cold and hot treatments can do the world of good too."