Watch Ed Balls Being Turned Away From The Bilderberg Conference

This year's Bilderberg meeting is being held in Copenhagen. However one high profile British delegate may have missed a few of the early meetings.

Ed Balls was captured on video being turned away for not having his ID badge. The clip was published by InfoWars, the American organisation that believes the meeting of the global power elite is a secret world government.

In the clip, Balls appears to search through his arm full of folders for his access pass, but is unable to find it. Handing over his passport to the policeman he says: "That's my name, I'm on the list."

He asks the officer: "We can't walk up there you and me?" But it seems that he is not allowed and the shadow chancellor and his aide have to walk away.

Last year's secretive Bilderberg meeting was held in London. The summit, which bring together politicians and business leaders, has gained legendary status in the eyes of anti-capitalist protesters and conspiracy theorists. The fact that the media is not allowed in and the public is excluded does little to dispel suspicions about what goes on inside.