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This week, around 130 of the world's most rich and powerful figures will gather at the top-secret Bilderberg conference in
The Bilderberg Group will this week host its annual conference discussing international issues in a Dresden hotel. Attended
This year's Bilderberg meeting is being held in Copenhagen. However one high profile British delegate may have missed a few
Well, this is a nice to-do and no mistake. The constant eye-popping revelations about the people and institutions that we
Cracking the walnut of news with our arse cheeks. Last week, I was stuck in an airport for four hours because the plane was
Come out Bilderbergers, your time is up! So used to operating under the cover of darkness, away from the glare of media lenses and public scrutiny. Not any more: haha! As the last Mercedes slunk through the Grove gates on Sunday, escorting the final delegate home, I basked in what had been a weekend scoring a twofold triumph.
When the BBC invited American shock jock Alex Jones onto its flagship Sunday Politics programme to talk conspiracy theories
Hundreds of activists, concerned citizens and media rubbed shoulders within the entrance area of the Grove specifically allocated by Watford authorities to house them. News that David Cameron was to arrive that afternoon was the hot topic of the day and whilst unexpected, the reactions drew major eyerolls, suspicion, scorn and downright anger.