30/05/2014 09:26 BST | Updated 30/05/2014 09:59 BST

#Nuts Police Called After Squirrel Refuses To Evacuate Woman's Handbag (PICTURE)

What do you do if you find a squirrel squatting in your handbag?

Call the police, obviously.

Well that’s what one woman did after she became the object of the rodent’s affections outside a pub in Chester.

The incident was documented on the Chester Inner Police twitter feed, with responding officer Detective Constable Nigel Thake donning his Dr Doolittle hat for the eviction operation.

Having evacuated the grey squirrel from the woman’s handbag, Det Con Thake then found himself to be in the animal’s sights as it clung to his leg.

The critter was eventually pried off and scampered on its way – with Det Con Thake describing it as the “strangest call in 32 years combined service.”

A spokesman for Chester Police told Huffington Post UK: “Detective Constable Nigel Thake attended the incident and released the squirrel back into the wild.”