Christ The Redeemer Selfie By Lee Thompson Is The Selfie To End All Selfies

The Selfie Game Is Over, This Chap Has Won...

Put down your cameras, the selfie game is over.

This chap won...

This is Lee Thompson who somehow managed to convince the Brazilian tourist board to let him scale the Christ The Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro.

The top of the statue - normally off limits to the public - is accessible by a treacherously narrow staircase.

Thompson, who runs the website, said: "I think it must be the first selfie from the top of Christ The Redeemer. The climb took 25 minutes.

"It was extremely hot, eerily quiet and claustrophobic. It was really quite scary. The last bit sees you climbing a tiny, very tight staircase and if you fall, you fall a long way.

"When I popped my head out of the top it took my breath away. The view really was incredible. It is the most fun selfie I've taken and one of my favourite photos."


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