04/06/2014 08:21 BST | Updated 04/06/2014 08:59 BST

New Attempt To Tackle Dangerous Extremist Taking Over British Schools

michael gove

Theresa May has become the latest person to attack the threat to British schools from extremist Michael Gove.

Gove's so-called 'Trojan horse' tactics - becoming education secretary and then plotting a raft of reforms based on personal ideology - has come under fire from the home secretary.

"It is clear to me that we will need to take clear action to improve the quality of staffing and governance in the Department of Education," May said in a letter published online.

"Is it true that Britain was warned about Michael Gove in 2007, when he was a member of the Shadow Cabinet?" she added. "If so, why did nobody act?"

Concerns about Michael Gove's hardline extremism have led to several current investigations, mostly by teachers' unions.