09/06/2014 10:48 BST | Updated 09/07/2014 10:59 BST

Arianna Huffington's Secret To Aspiring Business Entrepreneurs: A Good Night's Sleep

If anyone should know the secret to business success, it's Arianna Huffington, founder of The Huffington Post and author of 14 books.

Speaking at the London launch of Business O Féminin's new masterclasses, to an audience of female entrepreneurs and business owners, she revealed how getting more sleep has radically altered her decision making and focus.


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Interviewed by Business O Féminin founder Veronique Forge, Arianna told the audience: "In my book [Thrive], I talk about 12 steps. There is no particular order, everyone can just pick one step to start with. Don’t be overambitious, start with one small baby step and pick the one that resonates with you most. Also, start by getting 30 minutes more sleep than you got last night. This will increase your awareness about your state of being. Right now, we are more aware of our smartphones’ state of being than our own because we get alerts.

"My iPhone will send me an alert when there’s 20% of battery remaining, 17% of battery remaining and at about 13% I start to get worried and look around anxiously for a charger. But clearly when I collapsed I must have been below 0% battery and I wasn’t even aware of it. Now I’m extremely aware when I begin to get tired or stressed. I know that when I’m stressed I’m going to overreact to things, I’m not going to make good decisions or be as creative and productive as I can be."

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